Friday, April 29, 2011

Nail polish Haul: Basic Beauty

I was in Zagreb some time ago, trying to find - for me and some of the girls over at Ars Cosmetica - some shades of Catrice nail polishes that are not avaliable in Slovenia. I had no luck with Catrice, but I did manage to get some Basic Beauty (a Limoni drugstore brand) nail polishes - which I read about over at Parokeets blog :)

Here is the stash :)))
13 :) I didn't plan that number ;)


 I will be doing swatches of all of them, so you can see all the preety colors :) Here is one, just for the taste of it :)

Nr. 65
I hope you can at least see some of the pretty shimmer :) It's cute, summerish :)

Do you like any color?

*nighty night*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I hope you had an egg-cellent easter :)

Did you eat a lot of eggs? :)) I hope you had fun :) I just wanted to share my Easter photo :))

Yey, eggs. 

Oh, look, more eggs ;)

Did you do your own coloring or did you buy them?

*have fun*

His Highness Henry! The Cutest English Bulldog Puppy :)

I have to show you Henry! :)) He is an English Bulldog puppy, and he's so adorable, I couldn't resist not showing you some photos of him. :) My friend Anja (yes, she gave me the green light to post about it:)) just moved to a new house. And since she has much more space now, she decided to get herself a dog :) I guessed it would take some time for her to get one, but she surprised me last Friday. She got this little cutie :

His Highness Henry ;)

Look at his cute paws, awwww :)

He loves to cuttle :)

He's saying - let me oooooout :))

Can you say no to that face? :)

He finally gave up and fell asleep. He snores hehehe

I have a zillion pictures, but I hope you'll enjoy these :)

So? Do you find him adorable too? Do you have any pets?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RED ALERT! :) LCN - Oh so Red

sO... iT's aBoUt tImE I gOt BaCK! 
No...Really.... Last week was pretty much hazy, as I got sick (angina) :( I haven't been sick for a loooooooooooong loooong time now... I figure, it's all about how you fell in general. As long as I am happy, my health is happy too. And when I get stressed, well, I don't have to tell you more :)) But as I am a happy puppy (most of the time :) ) I don't get sick that often, luckily :) But when I do... I'm all up for RED :)) so here is something little I took last week. I hope you like it ;)

LCN - Oh so Red (-84) 
This is LCN - Oh so Red. I had trouble finding it on the internet, so you can also try searching it under LCN 43079-84 or just LCN -84 :) It's a bright red with cream finish. I got a gift certificate
 for a beauty salon some time ago, and a used it for manicure - hey, I was sick, so I had to pamper myself a little ;)  They use LCN nail polishes, so I chose this lovely red :)

In a car, sunlight
This is one of the good photos, it was taken under direct sunlight :)
                                 The under ones were taken indors, artificial light, but no camera flash :)


Mirror :))
After 3 days, I decided to play with some of my new Essence Nail Art Special Effect Toppers :) 
I used 02 circus confetti and 03 hello holo :) They are both super sparkly and nice - I don't think you can see it properly in this pictures though, but hey, next time I'll do better :))

LCN - Oh so Red + Essence 02 circus confetti
LCN - Oh so Red + Essence 03 hello holo

LCN - Oh so Red + Left: Essence 02 hello holo, Right: Essence 03 circus confetti

Blurry, but you can see how nicely they sparkle :)

Sorry for the crappy  pictures :) They were all taken with my HTC phone, and I don't like the way they turned out. But this red was really pretty and I wanted to show it to you :) I hope you don't mind.

* Do you like it? *

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Vampire Diaries

It's official. I love Vampires. Not for real though, just the TV ones :) My favourite vampire is one of the Salvatore brothers (can you guess which one?) in the CW TV series The Vampire Diaries (you can read more about it here ), airing thursday nights, and me being lucky, watching them friday morning. I just loved the books by L.J. Smith (check them out here), and honestly, I didn't expect the TV series to be as good. But it surprised me, I love the show just as much as I loved the books, sometimes even more. They even started to run the show here in Slovenia now, the first season, saturdays and sundays at 20.00 (mal poglejte, ziher vam bo všeč).

Do you like vampires and which ones? And which of the Salvatore brothers would you rather have drinking your blood ? :)))

Here is something you might like :)

       Damon            or        Stefan ?

    They both want Elena :)


Monday, April 4, 2011

Barry M Black + Vollare Nail Artistic Perfection

I finally got to my first nail polish post :) I did a simple silver on black manicure, which is easy to do and goes well with almost every outfit :) 

Do you like it? :)

Martinčkanje :)

Včerajšnja nedelja je bila kot nalašč za martinčkanje. In kaj bi bilo martinčkanje brez Martinčkov :) 
Pravijo, da jih zadnje čase bolj malo vidijo. Sem bila zato toliko bolj vesela, ker se na drevesu za našim blokom skrivajo kar trije. No, verjetno jih je še kaj :) Čisto super so bili ;)

    Lej ga, kak se skriva :)

        Pa čist nič ne grize :)

     Skrivališče :)

Spomladi ni lepšega kot žvrgolenje ptičkov, ki so moj sprehod naredili še bolj pomirjajoč. Da o vonju vsega cvetočega in dehtečega sploh ne govorim. Sem pridno poslikala vse lepe cvetove, pa sem potem pozabila fotoaparat pri mojih, in bojo mogle rožice pač enmal počakat :) Martinčke sem ujela s telefonom, in ko se je sonce  začelo poslavljat, si nisem mogla kaj, da ne bi probala ujet  še njega. 

Pa je šel... Je rekel, da pride kmalu :)

In ti? Se bojiš Martinčkov? Ti je všeč pomlad? ;)