Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RED ALERT! :) LCN - Oh so Red

sO... iT's aBoUt tImE I gOt BaCK! 
No...Really.... Last week was pretty much hazy, as I got sick (angina) :( I haven't been sick for a loooooooooooong loooong time now... I figure, it's all about how you fell in general. As long as I am happy, my health is happy too. And when I get stressed, well, I don't have to tell you more :)) But as I am a happy puppy (most of the time :) ) I don't get sick that often, luckily :) But when I do... I'm all up for RED :)) so here is something little I took last week. I hope you like it ;)

LCN - Oh so Red (-84) 
This is LCN - Oh so Red. I had trouble finding it on the internet, so you can also try searching it under LCN 43079-84 or just LCN -84 :) It's a bright red with cream finish. I got a gift certificate
 for a beauty salon some time ago, and a used it for manicure - hey, I was sick, so I had to pamper myself a little ;)  They use LCN nail polishes, so I chose this lovely red :)

In a car, sunlight
This is one of the good photos, it was taken under direct sunlight :)
                                 The under ones were taken indors, artificial light, but no camera flash :)


Mirror :))
After 3 days, I decided to play with some of my new Essence Nail Art Special Effect Toppers :) 
I used 02 circus confetti and 03 hello holo :) They are both super sparkly and nice - I don't think you can see it properly in this pictures though, but hey, next time I'll do better :))

LCN - Oh so Red + Essence 02 circus confetti
LCN - Oh so Red + Essence 03 hello holo

LCN - Oh so Red + Left: Essence 02 hello holo, Right: Essence 03 circus confetti

Blurry, but you can see how nicely they sparkle :)

Sorry for the crappy  pictures :) They were all taken with my HTC phone, and I don't like the way they turned out. But this red was really pretty and I wanted to show it to you :) I hope you don't mind.

* Do you like it? *


  1. ful lep rdečko <3 všeč mi je s tistim topperjem circus confetti :)

  2. ja, res so fajni tile topperji :) sem bla prav srečna, da sem jih kupla :) hvaaaalaaa

  3. Lep rdečko! :) Meni je kar sam najbolj všeč.


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