Friday, April 29, 2011

Nail polish Haul: Basic Beauty

I was in Zagreb some time ago, trying to find - for me and some of the girls over at Ars Cosmetica - some shades of Catrice nail polishes that are not avaliable in Slovenia. I had no luck with Catrice, but I did manage to get some Basic Beauty (a Limoni drugstore brand) nail polishes - which I read about over at Parokeets blog :)

Here is the stash :)))
13 :) I didn't plan that number ;)


 I will be doing swatches of all of them, so you can see all the preety colors :) Here is one, just for the taste of it :)

Nr. 65
I hope you can at least see some of the pretty shimmer :) It's cute, summerish :)

Do you like any color?

*nighty night*


  1. AUper nakup =). Komaj čakam da vidim 10 in 12 na nohtih =)

  2. Sploh nism vedla, da ma Limoni svojo znamko! Lepi lakci pa kjut blog <3 :)

  3. @Biba: Ja,hvala, so bli znižani pa sem mogla :))

    @colorfulbottle: evo, samo zate, kakor hitro bo mogoče! :)

    @Summer: Ja, BasicBeauty negovalno linijo imajo pri nas, MakeUp linijo pa majo v tujini :) kar vredi ;) in HVALAA, tudi tvoj je <3 ;)

  4. waw kakšna zbirkica lakov in tale minty je krasen <3


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