Tuesday, April 26, 2011

His Highness Henry! The Cutest English Bulldog Puppy :)

I have to show you Henry! :)) He is an English Bulldog puppy, and he's so adorable, I couldn't resist not showing you some photos of him. :) My friend Anja (yes, she gave me the green light to post about it:)) just moved to a new house. And since she has much more space now, she decided to get herself a dog :) I guessed it would take some time for her to get one, but she surprised me last Friday. She got this little cutie :

His Highness Henry ;)

Look at his cute paws, awwww :)

He loves to cuttle :)

He's saying - let me oooooout :))

Can you say no to that face? :)

He finally gave up and fell asleep. He snores hehehe

I have a zillion pictures, but I hope you'll enjoy these :)

So? Do you find him adorable too? Do you have any pets?



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